Friday, January 30, 2009

Emergency Information

I got an email message from the trial secretary of last weekend's trial that on the trip home one of the exhibitors drove over black ice. She ended up crashing her van into a guard rail, totalling the vehicle. Thank goodness she had her seat belt on and her Golden Retriever in a crate. Both escaped without injury.

This incident brings up two good points that I'd like to emphasize.

#1 - Always travel with your dog in a crate. The second part to this is to secure the crate. I have mine attached to the floor of the van with bungie cords. If I could bolt them in, I would! This helps to reduce sway on regular driving, and secures the dog in the crate in case of a crash.

#2 - Provide emergency contact information. I'm taking a page out of my friend Gail's book. She has a plastic, 3-hole punch document holder attached to each dog crate. Inside the cover is detailed information such as the following: her cell phone number, her vet's name and phone number, a photo of the dog, description of the dog, and microchip number. Imagine you're in an accident and, God forbid, you can't talk. If your dog is missing or injured, this information could save his life.

I don't think I'm being a Gloomy Gus when I say I'm going to put a similar document holder on each dog crate in my car. I already carry a basic first aid kit, and I always have a folder with all the dog's medical records in my gear bag for trials. I think this accident from last weekend, brings home the point that we owe it to our dogs to keep them safe in *all* driving conditions.


Rohan Shelties said...

What GREAT information! Thank you so much for posting! The information about the files on the crates is great! Some one that I know was driving cross country when she blew a tire; her small dog who rode in the front was curiously un-injured, but her ridgeback was thrown from the car and killed. That was when I switched to crates! Now I'll start the binders! Thanks again for posting!

Josh and Jess said...

Wow, what's great information. Thank you very much!! We'd never thought of labelling the crate with Josh and Jessie's data... excellent stuff!!! Thanks again :)