Sunday, January 11, 2009

Farm Show 2009

Cosi and I ran at an agility demo at the 2009 Pennsylvania Farm Show on Sunday. What fun! Many thanks to Coleen for arranging for us to participate.

If you've never been to the Pennsylvania Farm Show, it's an overload of the senses. So many smells (mostly barn!), great food to eat (I had a Whoopie Pie), and the PA system is going non-stop. I was anxious to see how Cosi would take all this in. I found our crating area, and when I brought Cosi into the building the Percheron horses with their carriages where lining up to go into the ring. Not just a horse, but a Horse with a capital "H"! We walked past, no problem. He eyed them, of course, but no barking or lunging. OK. So far, so good.

Here's a picture of Cosi at the set up. He's relaxing in his home-away-from-home: his crate. He was quite happy. We were given T-shirts to wear during the demo. Here I am modeling my shirt for my brother-in-law.

A Real Bonus
The order of events was a herding demo and then our agility demo and then a fly ball demo. As I was waiting for things to get started, I spied a friendly face in the crowd of people with herding dogs--Cadie Pruss, Mike's breeder! I was so happy to see her. We had a wonderful conversation, cathing up with each other and our dogs. I called to Jack who was in the stands with his brother and asked him to take our picture. Here's Cadie and her sheltie with Cosi and me.

The Run
Coleen set up two identical courses, side by side. Cosi and I would be running against Bryce and his 20" border collie, Jett. OK, here comes Test #2, my friend. How would Cosi handle the noise and the smells (there were sheep in the arena with the herding demo) and all the distractions? For your answer, watch this video: click here to view the video on YouTube.

What a Rush!
I loved the birds-eye-view video that Jack took of our run. Thanks, hon! It really gave me a new perspective on my handling and our team work. I was *very* proud of my Cosi-Man and our run. Did you notice all the bars stayed up? And how about that extra set of weaves at the end? That wasn't part of the run. The course ended on the table! Cosi went for the Bonus Points. =:O)


Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

HEY! I was at the farm show yesterday too! Had NO idea that herding and agility demos were going on or I would have been there! I'm so disappointed. What time and where were you, and why oh why wasn't it on the schedule?

Sheltie Owner said...

We were "scheduled" to appear at 6 p.m. We ended up running at 8:30 p.m.!!!!! Things were not organized to MY standards. Ha Ha

I'll have the video up tonight when I get home and have time to work on the site.