Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Venue - New Opportunities

I'm working on my trial schedule for 2009. With Brisco I limited myself to only AKC trials. Now with Cosi I have new worlds to explore. I've shown him in AKC and DOCNA over the past half-year. Now in 2009 we will be adding USDAA to our trial schedule.

At first I was unsure of showing in USDAA. However, I've taken advantage of our club's matches and instructional seminars to learn more about the games and rules for running in USDAA trials. It's starting to make sense. When I first watched a USDAA trial, it looked like mayhem to me, disorganized and out of sync with what I was used to. There's the key: what I was used to. It's time for me to expand my horizons now that I have a high-drive, capable dog.

I'm going to try a USDAA trial in April and another in May. I'm going to run Cosi in the Performance level, not the Competition level. One thing at a time, folks! Let this ol' lady get her act together before I throw caution to the wind.

Did I mention I like to follow rules, stay in the lines, and plan ahead? (grin)

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