Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dive Right In

Cos and I went swimming tonight. What a blast! Jeff built a new ramp into the dog swimming pool. It's now a solid ramp instead of steps. Cosi really liked the change. He actually--for the first time--went down the ramp and did a little leap off into the water.

We made up a new game in the pool. We swim to the end of the pool, and I encircle his belly with my arms. He stops swimming. I say, "Ready, ready......break!" and let go. He swims hard and fast for the ramp. He loved it.

Cosi didn't have dog camp today, and it's a shame. It was a beautiful day. So I wanted to treat him to some good exercise, and swimming seemed to be a good choice. I'm so glad he had fun.

No photos. :( I was alone.

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Diana said...

I wish my shelties liked swimming. Its such good exercise. Diana