Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Cosi at last year's DOCNA trial at Coleen's.

All my thoughts and focus are on our upcoming trial this weekend. We'll be traveling to Maryland to the Mid-Atlantic MADness trial.

This is our first USDAA trial, and I'm glad I'll be going alone as I need to make my way in this new (for me) venue. I've entered Cosi in four classes, and my goal is to stay focused and on course. The only games we're running are Pairs and Gamblers. (hate Snooker!) Then we'll also run in Standard and Jumpers. We've run successfully at DOCNA trials (see photo above) in the games, and I'm hoping that will translate to the USDAA venue. Don't need to win anything, just run *together* and well.

I can't wait.

Keep your paws crossed for us and pray for good weather.

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Diana said...

Good luck!! Diana