Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day & Agility

Now how do you think I'm going to connect those two things together? Easy!

When I was growing up, my Dad could make or fix anything. He always seemed like such a wiz to me. Any toy broken, any home repair project--Dad always knew what tools were needed and how to go about the project. I was his ready helper. From an early age I learned the names of tools so I could pass them to him, how to hold the nuts until he got the bolts in place, and where things were located on his tool bench (organized to the max!).

Last winter I asked Dad to make Cosi a ribbon holder. He took some leftover wood from his last project and came up with the most wonderful design.

He made two rectangular pieces and strung wire across. I can hang the ribbons on the wire, eventually covering up the wire. Here's the photo of Cosi's agility ribbon collection so far:

Happy Father's Day to the Best Dad EVER!


diablesa said...

que perro mas lindo el de la foto, tiene cara de bueno jejejej

Diana said...

What a great idea!! It looks wonderful. Diana

Sheltie Owner said...

Welcome to the blog, diablesa. Hablo un pocito de espanol. Tengo cuatro perros. Y tu?

Is my blog page in Spanish in Spain?