Monday, June 22, 2009

Open Jumpers With Weaves (JWW)

Cosi and I snagged Leg #2 in our quest for an Open JWW title. On Saturday we ran at Westminster and found a wonderful, flowing course. It did have a tunnel as obstacle #4, and that concerned me. Cosi goes *into* tunnels at 20 mph and comes *out* at 50 mph. He gets so cranked!

However, this was a good day and all the bars stayed up. I was not in place for a front cross I needed to make so we got a refusal. But we had spectacular weaves and a good time: 27 seconds on a 41 second course.

On to Excellent A Standard--again, a GREAT, flowing course. What fun! He nutzed around on the table (ugh!) but had a decent time of 62 on a 71 second course. One brilliant aspect of the run that I liked was his tunnel to dog walk approach. Most dogs come out of the tunnel, turn their bodies and go up the dog walk. Cos came out of the tunnel, stopped, hopped his butt around as the front feet stayed put, and bolted up the dog walk. Then we did a serpentine of dog walk, jump, chute (How about that, Marilyn!?). The chute was under the A-frame; have you ever seen that? I never have. Not that it was difficult or anything, just odd.

Cosi's breeder was there to see our Standard run and gave me some great feedback. I'm pleased to report that she checked him out (she's a vet) and pronounced him 100 percent well. In honor of Mary, here's a Cosi picture from the many she gave me when he came to live with me. This is one of my favorites. Hugs, Mary.

Cosi at the beach when he was 4 months old. This photo makes me eager for summer.


Diana said...

WhooHoo! Congrats on the Open Jww Q. Thats great. Ive never seen the chute under the a-frame either. Weird. Diana

The Bradley Dogs said...

Congrats on your JWW Q and for finding that serpentine!!