Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Fun Experience

If you're ever in the market for excellent photos of you and your dogs, you've got to get RoxAnne Franklin. I am fortunate that I live where she comes to agility trials to photograph the runs. The reason she is so awesome is twofold: First, she's got a great eye. She's sees just the right shot and captures it so you have the best memento of your dog running an agility course. Secondly, she doesn't just take the "mandatory tire picture" at trials. She goes around the sidelines, up in the bleachers, and outside where people are exercising their dogs. Here she captures just the perfect shot of your relationship with your dog. She photographs people snuggling with their dogs, having them do tricks to warm up for the ring, or saying thanks for a great run.

It was my good fortune today that she came to our agility training location, and we could schedule half-hour shoots with her. I have tons of agility pictures of Brisco (he's the first child, don't ya know!) and a few good ones of Mike and now Cosi. But I have no photos of Jenny. I also wanted a RoxAnne photo of all of us--me and my four dogs, a sort of family portrait.

She took the photos today; they should be on her web site within two weeks. I'm like a kid at Christmas! I can't wait! I took Cosi and Mike to her farm last spring and had the best time getting their portraits and agility pictures taken. Here's a sample of RoxAnne's glorious work. She truly is a gifted artist, a true dog lover, and a terrific person.

Photography used with permission. Pix Of The Litter, RoxAnne Franklin.


The Bradley Dogs said...

I couldn't agree more! RoxAnne is amazing. She captured all of my dogs just having fun at her farm last year, and she gave me wonderful shots of my Halle, whom I lost to bladder cancer this year. She truly has a gift!!

Cool Design Shelties said...

Nice looking pictures, they are beautiful :o)


RoxAnne Franklin said...

Oh my! Bonnie, you make me cry, you are such a warm wonderful person and it's my true pleasure to photograph your dogs. You don't realize what I get out of the experience. It gives me a sense of peace and happiness to see remarkable relationships that have been established with people and their dogs, such as you and your pack and Marilyn and her pack. To me, there is no greater gift in the world to build a strong bond with something as loving and vulnerable as a dog. You once said to me, "your smile never leaves your face when you have that camera in your hand." I so love doing what I do and feel very blessed that I can give all of you lasting memories. And the icing on the cake is to meet people such as you and Marilyn and your wonderfully trained loving dogs. You do know that your dog is a reflection of the type of person you are, so it's just no mystery at all why both of you have such a great "pack."
Again, thank you so much for your beautiful words and it was so good to see both of you yesterday.
Love and hugs to both of you!