Monday, August 31, 2009

A FAST Weekend

Cosi and I ran at an agility trial in Berks County this weekend. We Q'd in Open FAST both days, earning our Open FAST title. The great part about the weekend was seeing my friend, Gail, and her BC Sizzle tear up the Novice courses. Sizzle is shaping very nicely, coming back from a soft tissue injury. We had a great time ringside and much success on course. Good dogs, great friends = Fabulous Weekend.

Cosi is tired after a weekend of agility. He was chewing on his toy and fell asleep. Awwww...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun at the Fair

Cosi and the rest of the members of the HOT Agility (Head Over Tails) Club put on a demo at the E-town Fair last evening. In a word--f.u.n. The evening weather was perfect--cool with a breeze--and the surface was Cosi's favorite--dirt.

The special part for me came in the form of the audience. So many friends came out to see us...and I just found out this evening that his vet was also in the audience!

Cosi is ready to rumble. We've had our warm up practice, and we await our turn to run.

The audience really got into it and cheered on the dogs. We "raced" two dogs on a course at one time. This gives the audience a lot to watch (keep everyone interested), and lets them root for one team or another. Here is the video of Cosi's run against his buddy, Gabe. Thanks to Jack, we have a wonderful birds-eye-view of the run.

After the run we met my good friend, Joy, and her family. The girls enjoyed seeing Cosi run and got their own private "pet a dog" session. Cos was very glad to oblige.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Sweet Baby Boy

I got my photo order from RoxAnne Franklin today. I LOVE this picture of my Brisco. What an awesome little dog he is. RoxAnne captured him smiling; this is one of my favorite portraits of Brisco.

I have tons of videos of Brisco and me running agility courses. I watch them often and remember how great a team we were.

The feeling that I have with him when we compete will never be equaled. He is a gem, a great companion. He was exactly the agility partner I needed to start my new, fun hobby. Here's a video of us at Nationals in Tampa, Florida.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Picnics

Sunday was the Dog Picnic of the Year. All the dogs from agility classes as well as camp are invited (with their owners) to Coleen's for a blowout time. Anna and Aurora, Cosi and I headed up to the picnic late Sunday afternoon, our food contribution in hand. Anna wasn't sure how Aurora would react with all these strange dogs around. Turns out, she need not worry at all. BoBo (Aurora's nickname) fit in very well. The following pictures tell the story of the picnic very well.

Aurora started out on leash at the pond, just to get used to all the dogs and people milling about. Cosi is already on his way to see his buddies, confident and happy at Coleen's.

Cosi practices his ABS (All But Swimming) technique in the pond.

Isn't this a beautiful picture of Aurora!? She was the HIT of the party. Everyone was in love with her. "Where's that cute Boston?" "How old is she?" "Is she an agility dog? She'd be great." "What a nice, confident little dog." As a proud Auntie, I was beaming.

Finally Anna let BoBo off leash...and away she ran! Thank goodness it's all fenced in. She had a blast, running with the big dogs and having a good time.

Only Coleen can get dogs to do anything. Aurora checked out the pond, going in up to her belly.

This was the funniest thing I've ever seen. This beautiful little Cavalier swam lap after lap, going in to retrieve her...straw. That's right, her straw. Not a ball. Not a bumper. A straw. It was sooooooo cute.

Cosi and I always enjoy a party at Coleen's. Thanks for a wonderful picnic, good walks in the field, a cool off in the pond, and great food. I shouldn't eat all week; I ate too much party food. =:O)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Place Your Bets!

I ordered the yarn for the sweater (my first!). Place your bets as to when I will get it finished (month will be good enough). =:O)

Here's a link to the yarn that I got: click here to see the yarn sample. Kathy, it's your favorite color--black.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Just what you want to read about during the dog days of August, right?

I'm reading a knitting book right now and it has inspired me to try making another garment. I made a vest earlier this year and now I want to make a short-sleeved sweater.

When I was visiting my sister in July, we found these wonderful patterns for knitting sweaters in the round. (That means no sewing of pieces--a good thing!) I went on-line and found the perfect yarn. However, after I figured out how much I would need, the cost was $84! That's an awfully expensive sweater!

So, do I do it or not?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Techno Gadgets

I bought a new Blackberry phone yesterday. Then spent the evening playing with my new "toy." The *first* thing I wanted to get done was to get a picture of my dogs as the wallpaper on the phone.

Being a techno geek, I was zooming around in no time. I am a computer applications trainer at a school, so I've heard my share of funny end user statements. Here are just a few:

When I boot my computer, I can't get to the blue. (It took me a while to figure out what "the blue" was. She meant Microsoft Word; at the time it had a blue toolbar at the top of the screen.)

Where's the OK button? (It's the one with the letter O and K on it!)

If I keep my data in a folder on the network called "students" will the students then be able to see that data? (Just naming a folder doesn't give you rights to it.)

My favorite is always Jack. "Hon, could you put so-and-so's number in my phone?" "Hon, how do I get to a new web page?" God love him, he's no technology wiz.

As I was working on getting the dog photo on the home page of the phone, I could hear myself as an end user saying, "Oh! You can use this device to call people too? I thought it was just a way to quickly show people a nice photo of your dogs!" =:O)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Good Sit

I've named this picture "My Best Sit by Brisco"

It seems simple enough--ask your dog to sit. He is not to move until you give him a release command. You may ask, "Why do I have to ask my dog to do this? When would I ever use it?" Funny you should ask! I've got the perfect answer.

On our walk around town this evening, we used a shortcut. It's a cut-off path through the school grounds. It's a paved path, only two people wide. There are weeds and growth at the sides of the path. As we walked up the slight hill, I saw big, ugly shards of glass up ahead. And not just in one spot. There was glass all across the path, even in the vegetation. Someone had to have broken a number of bottles to make this mess. Hmmm....what to do?

I put all four dogs in a sit. I then picked up Brisco, carried him safely past the glass. I put him down, asked him to sit. I went back for Mike, then Jenny, then Cosi. All four dogs waited where I put them. No one was ever in danger of walking through the glass to get to either me or the other dogs. I was very proud of my dogs that they can do a simple task like sit/stay. It sure came in handy tonight when I could not find a path around the danger. Instead I did a Doggie Portage through it!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Perfect Guest

Anna is here! Yea! She's moved to Pennsylvania for graduate school. She's only an hour away, and I'm thrilled that we'll get to see her more often. Aurora, her 2-year-old Boston Terrier, will also be going to graduate school.

On Saturday Anna moved into her new on-campus apartment. She asked us to dinner and graciously said, "Bring the dogs, too." I hadn't been in a dorm apartment since 1976! Sure brought back memories of college days.

Anna had a wonderful dinner for us, then we sat around the table, playing cards, talking. My dogs normally go to bed around 8:30 p.m. They're done for the day. Well, we ended up socializing until 10 p.m. When I went to leave, three of my dogs were asleep on the couch. Where was Cosi? I checked the bedroom, bathroom, no Cosi. Then we looked in Aurora's crate. Now Aurora is a very small Boston, about 10 pounds. Cosi--17.5 inches at the shoulder and 28 pounds--had wedged himself in her crate. He knew it was time for bed, so he found a crate. What a funny dog!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

GREAT Weekend!

Cosi and I had three great runs on Saturday in Maryland. In Open FAST we got our first leg with a first place run and a score of 66. The lil' stinker didn't finish his weaves, but other than that, the run was good. The surface is slippery, so he dropped a bar on a turn.

In Open JWW we had great focus and teamwork. Loved this run! Again, he dropped a bar, but otherwise we did great. Now Excellent A Standard...most dogs are tunnel suckers. Cosi is a weave sucker; he loves his weaves. So when we needed to make the turn to go to the A-Frame, he instead saw the weaves dead ahead and went for it. We got back on track and were having fun; I know this because when he got to the table, his face had a huge grin on it and spittle was decorating his forehead! I stood there laughing at my dog as the judge counted down from 5.

The bonus to the day was when my friend Gail showed her BC Sizzle for the first time. He was coming back from a torn tricep injury. He took first in his JWW class. Awesome!

Here's the list of videos on

Excellent A Standard

Open JWW