Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun at the Fair

Cosi and the rest of the members of the HOT Agility (Head Over Tails) Club put on a demo at the E-town Fair last evening. In a word--f.u.n. The evening weather was perfect--cool with a breeze--and the surface was Cosi's favorite--dirt.

The special part for me came in the form of the audience. So many friends came out to see us...and I just found out this evening that his vet was also in the audience!

Cosi is ready to rumble. We've had our warm up practice, and we await our turn to run.

The audience really got into it and cheered on the dogs. We "raced" two dogs on a course at one time. This gives the audience a lot to watch (keep everyone interested), and lets them root for one team or another. Here is the video of Cosi's run against his buddy, Gabe. Thanks to Jack, we have a wonderful birds-eye-view of the run.

After the run we met my good friend, Joy, and her family. The girls enjoyed seeing Cosi run and got their own private "pet a dog" session. Cos was very glad to oblige.


Diana said...

That looks like such fun. Diana

Joy said...

Looks like a nice family :-)

Sheltie Owner said...

The family is nice, all right. They only have one flaw...they root for Michigan! ;-)

Johann The Dog said...

How fun! An agility race, love it!!!