Sunday, August 2, 2009

GREAT Weekend!

Cosi and I had three great runs on Saturday in Maryland. In Open FAST we got our first leg with a first place run and a score of 66. The lil' stinker didn't finish his weaves, but other than that, the run was good. The surface is slippery, so he dropped a bar on a turn.

In Open JWW we had great focus and teamwork. Loved this run! Again, he dropped a bar, but otherwise we did great. Now Excellent A Standard...most dogs are tunnel suckers. Cosi is a weave sucker; he loves his weaves. So when we needed to make the turn to go to the A-Frame, he instead saw the weaves dead ahead and went for it. We got back on track and were having fun; I know this because when he got to the table, his face had a huge grin on it and spittle was decorating his forehead! I stood there laughing at my dog as the judge counted down from 5.

The bonus to the day was when my friend Gail showed her BC Sizzle for the first time. He was coming back from a torn tricep injury. He took first in his JWW class. Awesome!

Here's the list of videos on

Excellent A Standard

Open JWW


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