Monday, November 16, 2009


I went to the Jersey Agility Group trial this weekend. Cosi and I had fabulous standard runs with only an R standing between us and a Q. Here are some stats from his standard run:

No dog in the 16" Excellent A class Q'd. However...Standard Course Time was 70 - Cosi's time 44.5

He beat the next dog by 5 seconds

He was running at 5 yps.

I have the video of his run and will post it ASAP.

His jumpers runs were also good, but the course had a pinwheel at the start (sort of demotivating to a dog who wants to take off). He dropped a bar in the pinwheel. Then some stupid handler talked to him as he was taking a double--crash. But with standard course time at 46, he finished in 29.19. I just have to remember to be patient in the pinwheel and shut up on course. =:O)

We'll be back in NJ next weekend to try again. The judges, courses, and dirt surface were most excellent this weekend.

Click here to see Cosi's video on

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