Friday, April 23, 2010

My Special Red Boy

Cosi is at it again! My Special Red Boy made me laugh.

I went to bed early on Tuesday. Jack stayed up to watch "something with whistles" (some game). When he came to bed, he found me and all four dogs snuggled together. I slept through this whole event, so this is the story he told me.

Jack shooed the dogs off the bed, and all went, found a dog bed, and settled back down. Cosi, however, never budged. He was asleep on his back--a sure sign that he is seriously sleeping. Jack talked to him. No movement. Jack shook him. No movement. For a moment Jack was scared that something serious was wrong! Finally, he picked up Cosi and gave him a shake. Cos opened one eye and gave Jack a look like, "What?! I'm sleepin' here!" Jack put him in a dog bed, and Cosi conked out again.

Cosi gives everything his all--playing, eating, agility, and, apparently, sleeping.

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Debbie said...

Sweet dreams Cosi...