Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The only thing constant is change.

On May 10 the AKC Board approved changes to the agility regulations. The AgileDog List was burning up the track yesterday with emails flying left and right, voicing opinions regarding the changes. Here are some highlights of the changes going into effect this September:

No position table - The count will start as soon as all four paws are on the table. No sit or down is required. The obedience folks are angry about this. They like to see that you have your dog "under control" on course. The large dogs and the dogs with deep chests (IG's and some other hounds) are glad because a down on the table is so difficult.

You get only 3 attempts at the weave poles and then you must move on. Thank goodness, I say!

The tire will be set at one jump height lower than the dog normally jumps. I can't get on board with this one. If your dog already has his jumping arc, why have an obstacle that's lower? Cosi will be jumping through a 12" high tire. I can see him (and other dogs) hitting the tire because it's so low. Hmmm...

No up contact on the dog walk will be judged. That's good news for those courses where a straight-on entrance to the dog walk is difficult.

A lower A-frame (down to 5 feet from 5 feet, 4 inches) for the 4- and 8-inch class dogs. Good news for those small dogs, I'm sure.

These are not all the changes, just some that I wanted to note. You can never please everyone, but it's good to know that the rules can "improve" and change as our sport evolves.

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