Monday, May 31, 2010

A Swimmingly Good Day

Cosi cools down in the pond at camp.

I finally had time to clean the glassed-in porch. I take all the windows apart and clean them. I don't know what's worse--the tree dirt, the spider nests, or the bird dirt. After working in the morning, I took the dogs for a lovely walk. Then I decided to take Cosi swimming. It was fabulous! He's not big on swimming, but he'll do it for me. But now it's gotten to the point where he'll go down the ramp with me and take that last step off going from standing on solid ground to swimming. It was the best. We raced back to the ramp from the end of the pool. I think the key was getting warm from a walk and then going swimming. He does cool himself down at camp by going into the pond up to his belly. I call it his ABS (all but swimming) way of cooling down.

I watched the Indy 500 race yesterday. What a great event. Today's the last day of the long weekend...I think I'll just be a lazy, knitting bum. =:O)

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Debbie said...

I wouldn't mind a dip w/ Cosi in the pond !! So great knowing your guy always has fun @ Camp. Happy knitting day Bonnie !!!