Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Training Update

Cosi and I practice weaves.

Cosi and I will not be going to many trials this summer--one in June and one in July. The main reason is footing. The venue where most local trials are held is at an indoor soccer facility that has carpet instead of sprint turf. The footing, therefore, is quite slippery for Cosi. I've watched our videos from last year, and I can see his butt sliding around as he tries to wrap the first weave pole. People use sticky spray (resin) on their dogs' feet; I've also heard stories of dogs ripping knees because their feet planted and stuck and the body twisted. No thanks to that! I'll opt to stick with sprint turf or dirt.

On the plus side, having fewer trials this summer gives us an opportunity for regular training sessions. We're working on independent contact performance and more lateral distance handling (for FAST class courses). We've been training on Sundays and Tuesdays, and class is on Wednesday. Three training opportunities a week--a perfect schedule! We're gearing up for a very busy fall, trialing almost every weekend in September, October, and November.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flyin' Fur

I got an energy burst this morning and decided to bathe all three shelties! The fur is flying!

Brisco--my sexy senior--started it all. When he gets dirty, his fur gets sticky like cotton candy. I don't like the tacky feeling. Then I thought, "Mike hasn't had a bath since December." And Cosi...well, after swimming and agility, he smells like swimming pool and has that fine dirt from the trials in his coat.

Now all the boys are fluffy, soft, and sweet. I can't stop kissing them. Not to be left out, Jenny goes to the groomer's for her monthly doo on Wednesday. This week the Maytown Pack will be stylin'.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Balance Ball

I purchased a balance ball for fun for the dogs. We're just working on knowing that this is a fun thing (lots of cookies when you touch it) and then getting a paw--or two--on it. Surprisingly, guess who's the best at this? Jenny! She immediately lept onto it and balanced, rocking a bit, so that she could get her treats. My goal is to have this as a fun activity for Cosi so that we can take it along to a trial and play before we run. It'll be a good focus game, plus it helps to work their balance and core muscles. I'll try to get pictures of Miss Jenny--my little circus dog!--on it, but it's tough to take pics and hold treats.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


First, an update on my father. Thank you for your kind emails, comments, and offer to help. He's still in the hospital and will stay there until his respiratory therapy is no longer needed, probably until Monday. I talk to him daily, and his breathing is much improved.

Today I surprised my friend, Kathy, with a visit to her produce stand at the farmers' market. Oh. My. Goodness! I was in heaven with so many lovely items to choose. I brought home potatoes, tomatoes, golden beets, zucchini, and garlic scrapes. I couldn't wait to have lunch! I roasted all of the above in a bit of almond oil and rosemary. You just can't beat the from-the-ground-to-your-table freshness and taste. If you have the chance to get to Eastern Market on King Street this summer, GO! Do not walk. Run!

Thank you, Kathy, for the feast I had today.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


My Dad has not been well this week, and yesterday he was hospitalized with pneumonia. Unfortunately Mom and Dad are 10 hours away. I hate this separation.

Please keep Frank in your prayers...

P.S. Yesterday was Mom and Dad's 59th wedding anniversary.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hotter Than...

..well, you-know-where!

This weekend's trial was north of here, but it sure felt like we were in the the jungles of South America. And just to keep it interesting, the humidity was about 80 percent; there was no air-conditioning. I crated near an open door and got a nice breeze, but the ring was at the opposite end of the building and was so blasted hot.

Onto better things...the judge, Jack Cadalso, was awesome. His courses were fantastic, and Cosi and I had great runs all weekend. Unfortunately, there were dropped bars, so no Q's for us. But it's fun to look at a course map and feel confident that you can handle the run. Another plus from the weekend was that I had two strangers come up to me and tell me what an awesome dog Cosi is. They apparently watched him ringside and liked his style. We don't Q as often as *I* would like, so it was fun hearing that at least we're looking good!

My visit with Janice was quite lovely. She spoiled us with a home-cooked meal on Friday night. We also played Rummikub for bragging rights. It appears that I am the Rummikub champion of the WORLD!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heading North

Cosi is ready for another adventure.

Cosi and I will be heading to Northumberland (about 2 hours north of home) for a one-ring trial this weekend. I really enjoy those small trials. We'll be staying with Janice; she graciously offered to host us. So it's a win-win for me this weekend!

Keep your paws crossed for us.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Work Space

My desk at work.

After being in my new space at work for a month now, it's really starting to take shape. I've added my own touches and it's now "my" office. My favorite item in the office is my candy dish. I looked around the cupboards in the kitchen for the perfect dish. No glass--too breakable. No plastic--too cheap. Like Goldilocks, one was too small, another was too large. Off I went to the attic to roam among the treasures there. And I found it! My first sheltie (Sonny) had a ceramic dog dish. It's white with black paw prints around the outside. It's heavy, the right size, and makes the perfect statement!

Candy Dish

It's become quite the conversation piece when people come into the office.

Now I just have to find candy that looks like kibble...

My bulletin board with paw print border!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dog Days of Camp

Coleen often takes photos of the dogs at camp. I found these on the day camp web page and wanted to share with you A Day In The Life of Cosi: At Camp With My Buddies.

I'll race you to the gate!

Cosi has good experiences with water at the dog pond.

I think one of the best things I do for Cosi is allow him to just be a dog. He has tons of energy and needs to run and jump and bark with his buddies. I also love how he is in beautiful condition because he's allowed to run full out. I enjoy giving him a full life--a balance of work (agility), play (camp), and rest.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Chair

You'll be able to easily find Cosi and me at the next agility trial. I had a chair embroidered with his name on it. Check it out:

Close up of the back of the chair.

Cosi and I try out the new chair.