Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dog Name

Most agility dogs are given names that denote speed and precision, like "Rocket," or "Zip," or "Jet." However, there are some more whimsical names out there, and one of them caused my friend to have a good laugh. She was the gate steward at a trial last weekend. The gate--for those who don't know--calls the dogs to the ring and lets them know how soon they're up. She had success finding one dog in the area near the ring, but when she called the name of the second dog, she got no answer from the owner. So she called out, "Romance? I'm looking for Romance!" Then she stopped and realized what she had just yelled. Everyone was giggling, and the comments started zinging: "Hey! I thought you were happily married!" and "You've heard of on-line dating? Well, this is agility dating!" Romance, the dog, was next in line and got to have her run, and everyone that day waiting at the gate got to blow off nervous energy with a good laugh about her name.

Be careful what you name your dog!

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