Saturday, September 4, 2010


When Walter Payton (the NFL running back)--my favorite athlete of all time--was on the Chicago Bears, his nickname was Sweetness. I'm thinking of dubbing Cosi with that name as today was one of the sweetest days with him. We double-Q'd in Excellent (cue the choirs of angels sound track)!

The standard course was good, challenging, but nothing short of glorious when we ran it. He hit a wicked weave entry. Then there was a discrimination at the very end which I cued, and he read it perfectly.

On paper the jumpers course was so twisty and had so many turns, I was sure there would be bars down when we ran it. I guess it was my "let's just let it rip" attitude that helped. We just went for it. The best part was that Cosi's daddy, Riot, had run the course just three dogs ahead of us, so Karen and Riot were ringside, watching our run. The fact that she saw us so connected and running well was such a boon--the cherry on my sundae.

I found out that he took first in Excellent A Standard; I didn't wait around for jumpers results today. I'll get his Q ribbon tomorrow.

Where's the video? Oh! Didn't I tell you? I didn't bring the camera today. Isn't that always the way? LOL

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Diana said...

That is always the way! A big congrats to you both!! Diana