Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Agility Trials

At last weekend's agility trial, a large group of us from the same training center crated together, watched each other's runs, groaned about the challenges on courses, and congratulated each other on great runs (Q or no Q). As I was thinking about last week's trial, I realized what a plus this was for Cosi and me.

When I was working as a timer, my classmate came and said Cosi was distressed in his crate and should she take him outside to potty. How kind! I never would have known Cosi was having a tough time (tunred out he *did* have to potty--NOW!) if it weren't for this wonderful network of kindhearted folks.

So this blog post is a big shout out and THANK YOU to all the terrific people who train at Canine Companions: Judy, Beth, Sharon, Conny, Patti, Julie, Barb, and our fearless leader, Coleen. Thanks for good times and fun memories.

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