Saturday, November 27, 2010

Distraction Work

Cosi will often watch the dogs in the ring at a trial as we're waiting ringside. He gets higher and higher in his arousal state, and sometimes it results in a run where he can't even think. To work on that, we're training using distractions. Yesterday I took all four dogs to the training center. I put Mike, Jenny, and Brisco in an x-pen. I ran Cosi on a short sequence. Then I placed a crate pad mat on the floor, put Cosi on it and asked him to stay. I got out Mike and right next to the mat, I had Mike jump a low jump. It was too much for Cosi. He lept up and said, "I can jump that jump too!" I got his collar, placed him back on the mat. I jumped Mike. Cosi stayed put. I fed Cosi, dropping the treats on the mat. I jumped Mike, fed Cosi. Cosi started to understand. Then I moved Mike to a jump that was maybe 5 feet away from the mat. Jump Mike, toss a cookie to Cosi. I put Mike back in the x-pen, and ran Cosi in a short sequence. Back to the mat, get out Brisco. I ran Brisco in a tunnel, and I fed Cosi who was still on his mat. I got out Jenny and asked her to run in the tunnel...fed Cosi on the mat.

It turned out to be a good training exercise and got all four dogs playing. Our next step is to have Cosi on the mat during class while the other dogs are running. The goal is mat=calm. Rest here until it's your turn to play. Here's a picture of Mike working his teeter 2o2o position. What a good boy!

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