Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Treats

Last night was the last agility class before the holiday break. We often exchange simple gifts--I usually take in a bag of treats and a toy for everyone in class--and have a class that's just focused on fun, not necessary sequences or specific training. Coleen had a terrific, three-station setup. First we worked contacts with front crosses after them (just what we need to work on). Number 2 station was a line of straight jumps where we practiced running the line and then practiced front crosses (decelerate, turn, accelerate). Again, just what the doctor ordered.

Station 3 was the most fun. Imagine five tunnels and two tables. You ran one tunnel, then table; then two tunnels, then table; then three tunnels, then table; until you finally got to five tunnels to a table. It was the perfect way to practice get cranked (do a bunch of tunnel work) and then do a control behavior (sit or down on the table). That was the BEST exercise ever. As I watched the dogs on the table, every one of them was wagging the tail. They were having a blast.

My friend Judy left a special Christmas gift on my car seat. When I got home and opened it on the floor with the pups--it was for them, after all--and tried to dig in the bag with Jenny's head in the way, I was stunned. Look at the lovely box of biscuits she got at a local bakery:

We're living large now! They looked so good, I am tempted to taste a few myself! So every night at 8 o'clock the dogs each get a treat from the Aunt Judy box. We'll have a howling good holiday now.

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Debbie said...

Happiest of Holidays to the Peep Pack and their Mom !!