Saturday, February 26, 2011

Foundation Work

This week in class I reaped the dividends of foundation work. You know, the "borning" stuff: round-the-clock work on a jump, two jump sequences practicing front and rear crosses, or plank work for contacts. We had a jumpers course that required a lead out and a pivot (change of line). The correct handler position was to be near jump 3. Most dogs took jump 1 and then bailed on jump 2 and came to the handler at 3. I was thrilled when Cosi took jump 2 because he stayed on his line as my body indicated.

It's those little moments in agility that just pump me up! I watch him and am amazed how much he knows and how much fun he's having. Our spring agility season starts in two weeks. I'm like a little kid at Christmas; I can't wait.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Happy Ending

Don't you just love a happy ending? One Walt Disney would have written?

Jack's Aunt Wilma recently lost her elderly dog. After Roo died, Wilma wanted another dog, but a smaller one. She asked me to keep my ears open and let her know if I heard of anything from the agility crowd.

I put out a notice to my club members, as I know that a number of them are active in their respective breed rescue organizations. Bingo! Conny emailed me that a Norfolk Terrier named Posey needed a home. She was a conformation dog that "didn't work out." (That's dogspeak for not perfect enough for the show ring.)

I hooked up Wilma with Posey, and it was love at first sight. Now Posey is living large and enjoying the attention of being an only dog.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What a face!

Hickory--the Scottish Deerhouse, and my Mom's favorite--won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday night. I was watching in bed (first mistake) and fell asleep during the Terrier group. I woke up at 10:55, just in time to see the judge's point. Divine intervention?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Busy

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy with my two main projects: rennovating the house and getting ready for spring agility trials. This past weekend, Margie came over and helped us to distribute and hang artwork. We got the living room done. Here's the end product (note the Orvis dog bed in the foreground!):

Then it was on to the den to get that all in shape. Thank goodness we had a good supervisor. Here she is "on the job":

As to aglity trials, so far I've gotten into the three trials I entered (knock on wood). Cosi and I will be running and jumping and barking in March. Here's how Cosi and Mike helped during the hang-the-artwork project:

Saturday, February 5, 2011


We continue to work on the rennovation project. This week the focus was on fabric. Again, Margie, the Interior Designer Extraordinaire came to the rescue. So many colors! So many combinations! Too many choices! Here comes Margie with her swatches. All is well.

Not be be left out, the dogs have two new dog beds so they can enjoy being with us and not on the new furniture. What steps have you taken in your home to accommodate the dogs (make it dog-friendly) while maintaining some decent furniture? Any tips or suggestions? I'm all ears...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Summer's Day

We're experiencing ice and freezing rain today. To brighten your Tuesday, I've found some photos of Cosi participating in an agility demo that we did last May. You can see the joy on his face as he runs his course. Here's a reminder of what summer days look like...

A great tire jump shot.

Cosi loves those "weavers"!