Sunday, March 20, 2011

York Trial

Cosi and I stayed local this weekend and went to the York trial. It was indoors at a soccer place; great footing and easy commute. No Q's for us this weekend; however, we had bits and pieces of brilliance. For example, in the JWW run on Sunday there were two jumps side-by-side which made for tricky handling. Most handlers were sending in to the tunnel and then blind crossing out of the tunnel to the left-hand side jump. Since blind crosses are not in our system, I opted instead on sending Cosi "out" while staying on the right side of the two jumps. It worked. Then he dropped a bar on a pinwheel. See? We got the tough stuff and messed up the easy stuff. On Saturday the winner in the 16" class had a time of 38.2. We ran the course in 37 with one dropped bar. *sigh*

The other plus was getting our connection back after we'd lose it. Cosi still needs to work on keep working even though he gets higher and higher as he runs. We'll keep on working, practicing, and trying to keep that connection as we run. Please keep your paws crossed for us. =:O)

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