Friday, June 10, 2011

"The house began to twitch"

I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz movie last night. We had terrible thumderstorms. I was standing in the kitchen packing up dog food for the upcoming weekend trial when I looked up and saw debris literally flying past the window. I yelled, "Doggies, come!" and all four rallied around me. We went into the powder room and huddled there for about 10 minutes.

After the storm we went outside to see damages. We have large trees (probably over 100 years old) and with every storm we have limbs come down. One very large limb fell on the fence gate and popped it off the support posts. Another limb split the Rose of Sharon bush. Luckily the neither the house nor the shed were damaged. One limb had jammed against the back door, and I couldn't get out that way.

I felt bad for Cosi. He came home from camp yesterday afternoon all tired and feeling good. He had been outside in the heat and had gone in the pond to cool off. He was still wet when I picked him up. So I had to get out the blow dryer. If you leave a dog wet and damp, they can develop skin issues. The dryer is his #3 hated thing. Then I needed to trim his nails and feet. This is his #2 hated thing. Finally, a storm came--his #1 hated thing! I could just picture the balloon over his head. "Can this evening get any worse?!"


Anna said...

Hey, Sounds like things were a bit of an adventure last night. Thankfully Cosi is a tough little guy - both he and you will be just fine. Sorry about the rose bush though - your plants were beautiful this spring.

Anna said...

I would like to add that after leaving the previous light hearted comment we had a thunderstorm last night that made my dog unwilling to leave the corner of her crate all night. Sorry Bonnie!