Monday, June 20, 2011

Lazy Weekend

What a lovely, lazy weekend. No trial. No house chores. No engagements. Just knitting, snoozing, agility training, and grooming. Ahhhh....

I had a good experience on Sunday. I took the Recallers course from Susan Garrett on-line. GREAT course with such practical application (not just to agility). On Sunday I took Cosi to practice. I left him out of the van and we went to the potty area. The gate to the large, open field where he likes to go for a run was open. He spied it and headed towards it on a trot. I waited. He sped up (like, "Awesome! I'm gonna go for it!"). At the gate I called, "Cosi, come." He turned on a dime and came racing back to me, faster than he had been going to the field. I pulled his #1 favorite toy out of the gear bag, and we had a great game of tug. What a good boy. I'm here to testify that these foundation games Susan Garrett has devised work!

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