Sunday, July 24, 2011


Jack and Cosi and I went to Cheswick for a trial this weekend. Cosi did well in FAST and standard on Friday, Q'ing in both. Then we had a fun time watching our friend Scott run his new dog, Devon. Scott and I became friends when Brisco and his sheltie Trev were in the 12" class together. Gotta love a man who loves a sheltie, and Scott is a good man. He loves his dogs, and he runs with the joy of the game. Here is the video of Devon's first Novice jumpers with weaves run. He took first place.

I asked Scott after the run if he still gets nervous before a run. He said yes, and I'm glad to hear that. I do, too! I guess that keeps it all from "getting old." Each run is potential. Here's Cosi's FAST Q from the trial:

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