Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life Goes On

I find I miss Brisco the most in the mornings. We have our little routine to start the day. The dogs share my breakfast. When I break off that extra piece of fruit then remember he's not there, I smile. I look for him in his favorite spots where he would take naps. Then I remember he's in the best spot in Heaven.

Brisco and I competed in agility when the trials were all outdoors. No matter what the weather--pouring rain, heat, wind--we were there. He actually got blown sideways off a teeter one time! When I got my Lasik surgery done on my eyes, I couldn't wait for the next trial in the rain. I'd be able to see. One time Jack and I were in the van on the way to a trial, and it was pouring buckets of rain. Jack looked over at me and said, "You know this makes you hard core." We laughed. It was true. I had a partner that would go anywhere with me. Brisco was "hard core."

One time in Williamsport, the heat was unbearable. It was 80+ degrees in the morning when we ran jumpers, and I remember thinking we may not run standard. But when I walked the standard course, it was a good one. Brisco and I were among only a few 12" teams left. Others scratched because of the heat. We ran and Q'd then waited for results. Brisco took first place! We usually came in anywhere from 10th to 15th in a trial. A first place ribbon was a HUGE event for us. And that was Brisco--in it all the way. No matter what the issue--courses that ran uphill, wind, rain, heat--he was with me all the way. It was only one of the many reasons I loved him.

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Diana said...

What wonderful memories. It gave me goose bumps.