Monday, July 18, 2011

Pet Peeve #2

Or is it Pet Peeve #1?

I cannot stand people who have an out-of-control dog on a flexi leash. I just want to scream, "Get a REAL leash, people!"

*sigh* Thanks. I'm better now.

I just took Mike to the vet to get the rest of his vaccinations when in walks a woman with a 12-week-old lab puppy...on a flexi. Needless to say, the pup was all over the place. Amid, "Oh! Isn't she cute?" and "Look at the pup-py!" I was gagging. Mike was sitting on the bench next to me, and when he looked up at me, I could clearly read the bubble over his head. "Is this thing nuts or what?"

I was tempted to ask the woman her email address and send her the Puppy Peaks webinar links that Susan Garrett has posted. I heard her say, "This is my first puppy."

Live and Learn, sister. Live and Learn.

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