Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I was working with a teacher on a new computer system this week. My job was to show him how to enter grades and get his job done. We got to talking, and he mentioned he was entering his 32nd year of teaching. "When will you retire?" I asked. He said he wouldn't retire because he couldn't answer this question: What would I do?

I've been reflecting on this question all week. Our jobs are our source of identity. Without a job we often feel incomplete and, perhaps, even inadequate. I know. I was part of a very large corporate layoff in the '80's and was horribly lost without having a job to go to every day.

This also got me thinking about agility. Agility would be my answer to the question "What will you do after retirment?" I've been active in the agility scene since 2002. Brisco's first trial was in 2003, and I've been trialing ever since. The fact that amazes me is that even after nine years, this sport challenges me, is changing practically every year with rule updates and new venues, and offers as much or as little activity as I would like to give.

My retirement is years off, and as I think about what life would be like without going to a daily job, I wonder where agility will be at that point. What changes will come about? What new aspects are there to discover? What advances in dog training (the next "it" thing) will occur? Fun to contemplate.

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