Monday, August 8, 2011


I sent in an entry for a local USDAA trial in September. I entered all the regular classes (standard and jumpers) and gamblers (I'm good at distance work). Then I put on my Big Girl pants and entered Snooker. I've only ever done this class in agility class, and it was not a pretty sight. Keep your paws crossed that we don't get snookered.

Cosi's 2o2o work continues. I purchased Sylvia Trkman's DVD on shaping tricks. What fun! I was laughing as I watched this video. Cosi and I have had three sessions so far. It seems he likes to back up as that's the behavior he automatically offers. I want to work on "sit pretty" and covering his muzzle with his paw. A work in progress for sure, but fun stuff. Can't wait to share it with Anna.

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