Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Year Anniversary of 9/11

This was an emotional day for many people. I was watching TV this morning at 8:30 and saw a documentary. It was very well done. It was both movie clips and still photos from people who took images from cell phones or cameras, and you practically re-lived the day. Then I watched a National Geographic Channel special of accounts from survivors. One was a man with a guide dog. To know what they went through...that really got to me.

No matter what the situation--life's trials and tribulations, elations and celebrations--our dogs are there with us. I know that dogs were used to find survivors as well as casualties after the attacks. They were also used as therapy dogs for the many people who needed help as they provided emergency services. Knowing that they played a role in that historic day makes me appreciate the work they do for us every day. Here is an account from someone who helped by making his therapy dog available at ground zero. Click here to read his account.

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