Thursday, September 15, 2011

Da Boyz R Workin' Out

With a cold and rainy day not suitable for man nor beast, Cosi and Mike decided to workout indoors. Here Cosi gets ready to work on the balance ball while Mike queues up. He starts in a sit, then I ask him to sit up (beg) and hold it. He really wobbled when we first started this, but now he's getting really good at holding it. We then progress to working our contact "touch" behavior (back feet on, front feet on ground), and finish with "dancing" where his front feet are on the ball and he pivots around the ball moving only his back feet.

Mike's turn. He's not as advanced as Cosi, but he can't wait to get on the balance ball. His turn consists of sit, down, sit (doggie push ups) while on the balance ball.

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