Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Know You're a "Dog Person" When...

...you judge a person by how nice their dogs are.

...you use the dog bowls to fill the dishwasher so you can make a "full" load

...as you channel surf the television, you bypass a documentary about people in favor of a Dogs 101 episode on Animal Planet.

...when there is a dog in the movie and he gets hurt/lost as part of the storyline, all you can think is, "But what happened to the dog?"

...you hate when people snore but when your dog does it, it's "cute."

...you know what a GSD is.

...when car shopping, you only consider cars that you can get a crate in.

...every jacket/coat you own has a poop bag in the pocket.

...you don't remember the person's name, but you know their dogs. As in, "you know, what's-her-name...the one with the goldens?"

Can you think of some others?

1 comment:

Catalina said...

Fun post! I love it!

Your car windows have nose prints instead of fingerprints.

You're happy when they potty ie. 5am in the winter you can be seen in the street saying, "Yay! Good girl/boy! Good potty!"

You know what a bully stick is. :P

You choose your clothes based on their pockets - access for treats and poop bags.