Sunday, October 23, 2011


Cosi and I were at Dauphin this weekend and snagged #9 towards our Master's FAST title. The video is below.

On Saturday the courses--both standard and JWW--were fabulous. Good flow with good challenges in them. We ran great. Sunday's standard class was very tricky, very technical. Dogs were "biting the dust" right and left in the 24's and 20's. As I was getting Cosi ready to run, there was a father with his son sitting ringside. The son--a boy around 12 or 13--reached over to pet Cosi, saying, "Hi, puppy!" I said, "Not now, hon. He's getting ready to go in the ring. He needs to get his game face on." We ran brilliantly. We NAILED that course with only one off-course. All bars stayed up; contacted hit like there was no tomorrow! I was thrilled. As I came to Cosi's treat stash and was rewarding him for his great run, that same boy came over and said to Cosi, "You ran really good!" I grinned from ear to ear. Yes, he did. I have no video as my two buddies were busy with their own courses (it was a 3-ring trial), but I don't need video. I'll remember that run forever.

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