Monday, October 17, 2011

J.O.L.T.-ed Again

This past weekend at the York trial, Cosi and I were jolt-ed again. J.O.L.T. stands for just one little thing. Just one dropped bar, just one off course, just one refusal kept us from Q'ing. And here's the part that really gets me. We beat the first place dog every time. We would have had three first place runs. *sigh* My heart was breaking Sunday afternoon, and my spirit was flagging. On the way home from the trial on Sunday afternoon, I detoured and instead of going home I stopped at one of our favorite walking spots. I was still dressed in trial gear and full of muddy footprints on my pants, but who cares? I was so blue and needed to go walking with my dogs. It was a beautiful, breezy day. After 40 minutes of walking, I gave up feeling sad. I wasn't jumping for joy, but resigned to try again next weekend. It's just that we could be so good.

The one judge at the trial had us use a new innovation to exit the ring. In AKC you must enter and leave the ring on leash. If you leave without your dog on leash, you are NQ'd. He had the club build an "air lock" at the exit of the ring. It was fencing with a gate on either end--an entrance and an exit gate. At the end of your run, you went into the air lock box. Your leash was inside the box. You got your dog on leash and exited out the back gate. This was fabulous, and I was so impressed with it that I wrote to AKC agility telling them about it. It kept the ring moving, and you could take a few moments to celebrate with your dog before putting his leash on. I hope it is adopted at more trials.

Oh, and yes, Anna, I had egg sandwiches both days. And they were fabulous!

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Anna said...

You are spectacular! I'm glad your walk helped and sorry about the JOLT-s. But you got to have the good egg sandwiches. You will never look at another one and not think of me ;D. Love you!