Monday, October 3, 2011


Cosi and I were at the Lancaster Kennel Club trial this past weekend. It was cold--and, at times, rainy--so we were both bundled up. His back-on-track coat really helped keep him warm and ready to run. In FAST on the first day we got enough points, but not the send. So no Q there. Then he qualified in Standard, which was HUGE! He had perfect contacts and took 3rd. In jumpers I was hoping for that first, elusive QQ, but it didn't happen. Sunday's FAST had a serpentinie in the bonus. We got it and took 3rd in FAST. In standard we hit all our contacts, but got a refusal at a tunnel. UGH! Next training focus will be on tunnels. In jumpers there was a serpentine and the judge was standing right were I needed to do a FC to make the serpentine. Frustrating. Not such a hot day on Sunday. We're off to Williamsport this coming weekend.

Here is the link to one of his FAST runs. Nice contacts! Good weavers!

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