Saturday, October 8, 2011

Observations From The Trial

Cosi and I are at an AKC trial this weekend.  I have no video since I'm here alone, but I do have some observations to share.  

First, the one judge has everyone talking.  The standard course was flat out ugly.  It was tight and didn't flow at all.  Cosi did well, dropping only one bar and had one off course.  He held his contacts, so that was a plus.  When the results came out, I was not surprised to see NO dogs Q'd in the 16" class.  The big dogs didn't fare well either.  Things that make you go hmmmmm....

I got to see my friend Scott run his small sheltie, Devon, in Excellent A jumpers.   What a GREAT dog he is.  He zoomed through the course with a Q and a first place.  Well done, Miller Lite!

When there was a jump height change, I saw an unusual sight.  The first 12" dog came in the ring.  As the ring crew readied the course, she played warm-up games with her dog.  I was surprised that no one told her to leave.  Hello?  Training in the ring is a huge No-No in AKC.  Working your dog in the ring is getting an unfair advantage.   *sigh*.  Seems like I was the only rule-following fool who noticed.   

I worked as ring crew for the open standard class.  I got to observe the handling up close.  In a word, oy.   All everyone said was here, here, here.  No direction like jump or frame or tunnel.  Just here, here, HERE!   As a result, dogs were all over the place, not running a course but just trying to guess where here is.   I was wondering why our dogs just don't jump up and bite us in the butt.  How's that for "here"?

I had high hopes for a QQ this weekend, but no luck on Saturday. We ran very well in jumpers, just dropped a bar on a tight turn. (Guess who was out of position?). We Q'd in FAST.  

I will meet my good friend Janice for dinner tonight.   We'll celebrate her speedy recovery from a recent hospital stay.  Good friends+Good Dog=Great weekend.   


Diana said...

I don't think the judges have a lot of control over their courses. I was at a recent trail and the judge apologized for the course. She said when it came back from the AKC they had changed it.

Helen said...

I run AAC agility with my Sheltie. We had an Advanced Standard a few weeks ago where no in the class had Q.