Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good Choices

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in my mind. We had a family gathering. Everyone brought a piece of the meal, and it was a great time. I finally got two mirrored pieces hung in the dining room. These are two pieces Margie and I found about a year ago. I was waiting for the renovation to be complete to get these hung. Well, yesterday was the day. I found two candle holders and some candle rings on sale at Michael's (a craft store). Here is the finished product:

I made good choices, eh?

The dogs were impressive yesterday, too. We have a gate that separates the kitchen from the dining room. The dogs are only allowed in the kitchen. With company coming, I took the gate down so people didn't have to deal with it. Cosi, especially, made good choices. When we were in the dining room hanging the mirrors, he stood at the doorway, asking if he may come in. I gave him his release word, and he came in, laid down near me, and just hung out watching the commotion. I was so pleased that he remembered his criteria. An open door doesn't mean you bolt through it.

Then as guests were milling around getting ready to leave, I asked the dogs to get in their crates. They ran in and stayed there. I looked around after coming back in the house, and there they were, waiting for a cookie. Good dogs. Thank you, Susan Garrett, for good foundation training.

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