Saturday, November 26, 2011

Keystone Trial

We had a superb weekend in NJ. On Thanksgiving day we traveled the two hours to the trial site and set up. It was getting close to lunch time, so we looked around for an open fast-food restaurant. Golden Arches to the rescue. Nothing says "Thanksgiving" like a QP and Diet Coke. ;-)
The hotel was new to us; we had stayed in another location before. This one was closer to the site and was very convenient to restaurants. The dogs gave it a four paws up as it had lots of grassy areas for walks and sniffs and potties. Here is a photo of how Mike relaxes after a tough day on the road.

On Friday we started with standard. He had to be reminded of his contact behavior on the teeter; he tried to go on without doing 2o2o. I made him lie down; this caused him to be too close to the double, and he dropped the bar. Here's the video:

In jumpers on Friday, it was very twisty, turney course with lots of crosses and lead changes. Good. We've been working on our front crosses. I'm trying to not get my arms out so wide. We Q'd and came in third! Here's the video:

On Saturday we started out first with jumpers. Another good course with a tunnel as the first obstacles. Tunnels tend to crank him up, so I had to be on my toes. We had a fabulous run, but alas he dropped the third from last jump. But a great run, fun course, wish we could run it again. Here's the video:

Finally in standard on Saturday we watched the 20" dogs run the course. Not many Q's as the course appeared to have a lot of traps. As I prepared for the course, I kept thinking that I need to be aggressive in my handling. I held him to his contact behavior; again, he released early on the teeter. Guess what we'll be working over the winter!? We Q'd and came in 6th. Here's the video:

I guess you could say we QQ'd--Cosi Style.  We Q'd once in jumpers and once in standard, just not on the same day.  =:O)  It's a step in the right direction.  He was so fun to run this weekend.  What a joy he is.

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