Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Normal" Weekend

What is a "normal" weekend? What do regular people do? To us agility people normal is packing up on a Friday evening, getting up at O'dark thirty, and driving to a venue to run and jump and bark. Get home around 5, eat something, go to bed at 7. Get up on Sunday and repeat.

This weekend I experienced a non-agility weekend. On Saturday I "slept in" until 5:30. I cleaned the house, decorated a bit for Christmas with new floral arrangements (a new skill I'm working on), then walked the dogs on the most perfect fall day. I put the dogs back in the van and headed over to the agility training center where we here having a house shower for our friend who lost her house in the flood in September. Good news--they may be able to move back in to their house on Thanksgiving weekend. Their two goldens--Tanner and Gus--were on hand to enjoy the party. It was great to see the support the agility community provided this couple.

Then, just to cap off a perfect Saturday, we got an extra hour sleep! Did you "fall back" with your clocks? Unfortunately, no one reset Cosi's stomach clock, and he pested at 4 a.m. (his 5 a.m.) for his breakfast. *sigh* Guess I sleep in my next life...

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