Friday, December 30, 2011

Grooming Tip

A fellow agility competitor recommended using marigold spray on dogs to repel ticks. I found a bottle of EQyss Marigold at the local farm store (this is a product made for horses). I don't know about the repelling tick part, but it is dynamite on Sheltie frizzies. Shelties have these pantaloons in the back. In the dry, cold weather of winter this fur frizzes and gets so much static electricity, they stand out instead of lying flat. I've been using a small spray of the marigold in my hands, rub it between my palms, then work it into the pantaloons then all over the dog. It cures the fly-away fuzz and makes their fur feel so soft. I really like the product, so I thought I would pass the tip along to my fellow Sheltie buddies. :-)

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