Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Cosi (and Trax)!

Cosi turns Big Boy 6 on Sunday. As a tribute to him, I've put together these photographs of the many activities we do together. Since Cosi is such an athlete and all round good sport, we have done a lot! Enjoy...

I tried to teach Cosi how to read a course map. It was easier to teach him the obstacles.

Cosi loves toys. Here is a small selection of his favorites.

Cosi plays hard and then sleeps hard. Here he is the evening of a trial. Those hotel beds are comfy.

Since we have access to a heated pool, Cosi gets his life vest on and off we go. It's not his favorite activity, but he does it for me.

Now here is what Cosi loves--lure coursing! He chases that plastic bag all over the field, following the line. Running as fast as he can is his favorite.

For the first three years, Cosi went to Camp at Coleen's every week. Here he socialized with other dogs, and--more importantly--got to run, run, run. Here he is waiting for me to throw his favorite ball, the Holey Roller.

Cosi's favorite obstacle on an agility course is the weave poles. The repetitive motion, the rush to beat me to the end, the joy of getting the reward all make for a fun experience. My eternal gratitude to Susan Garrett for designing two by two weave poles and training this obstacle with fun in mind.

I end with *my* favorite picture of Cosi. Photographer Roxanne Franklin took this portrait of my boy when he was two. He is the most handsome Sheltie on the planet. Love you, Cos. Happy Birthday.


Diana said...

Happy Birthday Cosi!!

Heather Ortega said...

Just saw your post. Happy Birthday to Cosi from Heather and Trax!