Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Training Goals

When Cosi and I went to open practice this week, I decided to add a new training goal for this year: Distractions of Other Dogs Working. I took Mike along to practice; Mike's new job is to be a distraction. With Cosi in the crate, I worked a low jump with Mike close by. Cosi was quiet so he got cookies. When I took Mike farther away to work a tunnel, Cosi came out of the crate to investigate. Good. That tells me we need to work on distance. When I got excited with Mike by using a lot of praise, Cosi barked. Another "ahha" moment. So we need to work on distance from me and arousal. My goal is to have Cosi lying quietly (on a table, in a crate, on the floor) while another dog is working. Getting there will involve the It's Yer Choice game and Crate games (both Susan Garrett strategies).

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