Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Here it is February first already. Our "down time" of January is gone. Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day, but I don't need a rodent to tell me we will have an early spring. Last night I walked the dogs in a fleece and jeans--it was 54 degrees F at 7 p.m. With this mild winter we are having, we should have spring by March!

I practice with Cosi yesterday, and we worked on contacts and jumping and turning. Jumping 180's and 270's is good practice for him. His left lead is his weak side. Anna reports continued success with Aurora's agility training. That is so exciting! I can't wait to see Anna and Aurora sturt their stuff in the agility ring. Cosi and I are gearing up for our first trial in two weeks. Keep your paws crossed for us.

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