Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Knitting & Training Time

I've been taking some time to finish two knitting projects. First, I made some hats--one for a family member and others for a local charity. Once they were finished, I started on a pull-over sweater. Winter is when I love to knit as the days are short and it's dark by 5 p.m. We're having an early spring this year; it's been 60+ degrees F this week! It seems as though we skipped winter this year and went right to spring. No snow that stayed, just rain, rain, rain. And it always seemed to rain on agility class days. I lug Cosi's crate from the car to the building in the blasted rain every week.

I've been enjoying walking the dogs in the evening (it's starting to stay light even after 6 p.m.) wearing only a light jacket or sweatshirt. I had someone at work today ask me how much time in a week do I spend training my dogs. Other than the structured class time (1 hour) or practice time (2x a week for about 20 minutes a practice), I do a lot of "training" during our walks. It's a good time to teach directionals of left and right. Then I use the "out" command to get the dogs to move away from me if a car is coming towards us. I use "out" during FAST and Gamblers classes to get Cosi to move away from me and take obstacles.

How much time do *you* spend training your dog in a week?

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