Monday, March 26, 2012

First USDAA Trial

Well, not the first first, but the first one where I wasn't working all day every day! I have no video as I was by myself at the trial. Maybe next time.

Cosi and I did well at the On Target agility trial on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we Q'd in Gamblers (that's our third leg so we get to move up) and in Standard (our first leg). Then on Sunday we Q'd in Jumpers (first leg). All Q's were first place runs; but then I have to tell you that the classes were very small; and in one class I was the only P1 dog! I was very pleased with our teamwork, and the courses were fun. In the Performance Speed Jumping (Steeplechase) run, we were good, but I sent him in an off-course tunnel instead of over the A-frame, which disqualified the run. Bummer. And it was such a good course. I'm still kicking myself over that one. And Snooker...well...Beth, you know how I stink at this game! We dropped the second red bar and then he went over another jump and we got whistled off. Typical! LOL One of these years, I'll get the hang of that game. I may be 80, but I'm going to get it!


Beth said...

Hey at least you made it to the second red jump!!! So proud that you gave it a go :-)
Good job!

Diana said...

Im terrible at snooker too. No snooker q for us yet. Although the last 2 times Ive gotten through all the red jumps. LOL, maybe some day.

Sheltie Owner said...

Wow! You got through all the reds, Diana! That's awesome! Keep at it. Let us know when you get that Q.