Saturday, March 10, 2012

If Bad Things Come in 3's...

then I'm done.

#1 - I got home from work on Friday evening only to find that the kitchen phone decided to die. Some of numbers on the keypad wouldn't work. Tough to dial a number when you don't have 0-9.

#2 - My computer--which has been on it's last leg for about a year--decided to power down. I tried to boot it back up, and only through coaxing, praying, and computer CPR was I able to get it back.

#3 - I got an email today from a trial secretary saying I'm #89 on the wait list for a four-day trial I had entered in April. #89?! Really!? Might as well say, "Forgit it, kiddo. You ain't in."

I bought a new phone system with a base and two mobile handsets.

I ordered a new computer; it should be here next week.

I bought an external hard drive and backed up all my data.

I'm off to check the web sites of various agility venues to find a trial to replace the one in April.

...and it's only Saturday.

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