Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Luck of the Irish!

We tapped into some Irish luck today and got our first QQ at the York County Dog Training Club trial in Palmyra. Wow! This is huge!

We took third in standard, behind two superb, fast dogs. They have running contacts; I make Cosi stop and do 2o2o. Thus there was a four second difference in our times. Note the four--count 'em, four--serpentines in this course! Here's the YouTube link to our standard run: Click here.

In the jumpers run there was a broad jump. Rats. When was the last time we trained that? About a month ago!? We Q'd and took first place--beating the same two dogs that beat us in standard! Un-be-lieve-able! Here's the YouTube link to our jumpers run: Click here.

As I watched the videos, I see his start line stay deteriorated today. I will be dilligent in correcting that tomorrow. Gotta watch that boy!

What a fabulous day. Memorable, to be sure.

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