Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bad Decision

If I were a dog in training, you would have carried me off the course today. Let me explain...

I didn't make it into the local three-day trial at the end of April. I only made it into one day, so I thought I would "make up" the two missed runs with another trial this Easter weekend. It was held at a venue I have not visited with Cosi simply because of the footing. It is indoor/outdoor carpet. He is used to either dirt or sprint turf where he can dig in on a corner and get traction. I am embarrassed to say that our two runs today were horrible, and it was all my fault. He practically did a face-plant in standard; however, he Q'd. Then he dropped a bar in jumpers because he slipped on a turn. The good news is that I learned my lesson; the bad news is I let Cosi down. I should have known better. It was selfish to try and make up the opportunity to get a Q.

The only positive that came out of this trial was that he got his #10 Q in Excellent B standard, earning his MX title. And I promise no more runs on iffy footing. Only the best for my high-drive, tear and run boy. Sorry, Cos.

If you're brave enough to watch, click here to see the run on YouTube.

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