Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trax is in da hous!

Heather and Trax were completely awesome this weekend at the USDAA Mid-Atlantic Regional. Here is what Trax's crate looked like by the end of the day on Saturday:

Cosi and I had a lot of runs, but my favorite was our Snooker run. I finally made it all the way through a snooker run, and Q'd! Here is the link to the YouTube video.

We also did well in Round 1 of performance speed jumping on Friday. We snagged a standard Q on Saturday, and got the snooker and pairs legs on Sunday.

Trax and Cosi--Brothers!--ran P1 pairs relay on Sunday. Heather and I anticipated this run, and it lived up to our expectations. Here is the link to the YouTube video of RyLadd brothers rockin' the pairs course!

On Saturday Karen, Heather, and I took a breather from the trial scene and took Riot (Trax's and Cosi's daddy), Trax and Cosi outside. It was a beautiful day, and we lined all the boys up for formal pictures. Then we let them play. I got a few pictures, and Heather was snapping away with her SLR camera.

from left to right...Cosworth, Riot, Trax

The boys take a photo break and play with Karen.


Diana said...

Congrats thats awesome!!

Sheltie Owner said...

Thanks. We *finally* got through a Snooker course with no whistles!!

Heather Ortega said...

Trax and I are so honored! And he couldn't have a better litter mate! So much more still to come from "Da Brodders!" :)